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Dear friends,

Season of workcamps 2019 is over and we were happy to host 37 volunteers from abroad in Russia this year.

Here you will find short overview of camps. Articles are in Russian, though.

  1. “Eco-raids” in Leningrad region, article here. Volunteers helped with cleaning the territory, made benches, weeded and had a lot of fun in free time.

Quote from one of participants:

“I loved so many aspects of the camp, and I guess what made it great and memorable were the people. We worked well as a group, there were no tensions, we communicated, shared and respected each other”.

2. “Seven strong men” in plateau Manpupuner – very hard-core camp, where volunteers went by helicopter! They were helping with building touristic path in hard weather conditions, but they managed. Article here

Advice from one of participants to future volunteers:

“Learning to read the alphabet can be useful, even if you don’t understand the language. Apply for your visa with enough time in advance. Learn a few basic Russian words and be open for things to be different, people will be helpful if they see you are generally respectful and interested in learning about their culture!”

3. Botanical garden in Tomsk, article here. Volunteers did some manual work in the garden and participated in/co-led ecological workshops. Video about camp is below:

Advice to future volunteers:

“My advise is to abandon all expectations, the more of them you have, the less likely you are to fully enjoy Russia. Another thing is to put aside some time to learn basic Russian before coming here, it’s extremely helpful as majority of society doesn’t speak any foreign languages and basically language overcomes barriers”

4. Workcamp “Heart of taiga” in national park Yugud-Va, article here.

Volunteers travelled by boat to different places of the park where they did manual work on the way, helping with supporting life of biggest national park in Russia. Video below:

We will be happy to see you in our camps in 2020 in Russia! We will annouce projects in February-March 2020. If you have any questions, write to