Story by Lukas Mokry

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Hello to everybody. My name is Lukas and I spent 6 months as an EVS volunteer in Nizhnyi Novgorod. Six months is a very short time and I can highly recommend you to go for your EVS for the whole year.  My project was in office Sfera.  It was very good experience for me to see how the NGO in Russia is working.  But I was not only sitting in the office.


A volunteer in the office has a lot of opportunities to choose what he wants to do.  Every time I had very good support from my co-workers.  You can be creative and think about your own project. And also you have a lot of free time to do whatever you want.


I knew the Russian language before and it was very useful. I didn’t only improve my Russian but also my English. I met a lot of people and now I know that I have new friends not only in Russia, but also in Estonia, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Sweden…etc.


It was very interesting to see this controversial country from the inside.

This voluntary service has been  one of the best experience in my life ever.