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EVS in Russia was the best time of my life! I have made a lot of good friends in Russia and in many countries in Europe and other parts of the world. I hitchhiked through Siberia, to the Black sea, and made shorter travels to Moscow, Kazan, Saint Peterburg, and many other places. I can’t count how many statues of Lenin I have run into! Me and one of my friends also went to ”the city of the sun” in the south of Siberia, to meet the self-proclaimed new Jesus, where thousands of followers built a whole new village right after the downfall of the Soviet union.

After this year I feel that I can do anything I want, that I could live anywhere in the world and that most people are very friendly everywhere. Russia is an endless country, and I really wanted to meet people from everywhere to hear what they had to say about anything, to get to know the russian soul. The only thing that is needed to have an amazing time in this (or any) country is to keep an open mind to anything that might happen, any person or situation will surprise you! In Russia I did so many things I would never have done in my home country, I basically had the approach to not say no to anything. The result is an endless collection of happy, hilarious, incomprehensible and just fantastic memories.

I would recomend to future volunteers to have some basic knowledge in russian language, if you’re not from a slavic speaking country 🙂 If this is the case, you will undoubtedly be fluent in russian after EVS.

Peace and love

Sara Holmberg, Швеция