Ежегодно на территории России проходит в среднем 15 международных волонтёрских лагерей, где собираются участники со всего мира!
Вот что они говорят о своём опыте в этом году:


Hi everyone, I'm so grateful to share my feeling of joining this fantastic workcamp. In August 2015, I went to St.Petersburg  for two weeks, and it was the 

best workcamp I have ever had! SFERA Movement in cooperation with ITMO University did an  excellent job! They offered varied and fun activities everyday, it definitely helped to foster and deepen the relationship  and friendship between volunteers and the Russian students. We all had a great time in 

Russia and loved it so much. I  personally miss everything and in particular my Russian friends in Russia (of course my campmates from all over the world as  well) since we had have so many memorable moments! And now, we are all still in touch! This workcamp did not just give  me a chance to meet best people but also totally changed my perception of Russia: it is an amazing and interesting  country! I will come back! 

— Sky
From Hong Kong, China



Last year I was working as a volunteer in Turkey to rebuild a school and it was an unforgettable experience. Why not to repeat this year? I thought “Let's go to Russia”. This was my first time working with kids and it was a wonderful experience. My main task was teaching Spanish and English language, teaching our culture and traditions and not less important, play with them. It was like to return to our childhood. Kids gave us a lot of hugs, sweets and they also taught us Russian words. I'm not going to forget the funny activities we did, like the wedding day, the fear night and all dances we saw and learnt, there were dances almost every day.

— David Romero Trejo
Madrid, Spain



Thanks for the "Most camp", I could spent one of the best moments in my life!

There were so many programs prepared for kids and camp leaders. The head workers were so kind and nice to foreign volunteers like me. I really liked this camp! And now thinking about come back to this camp next year.

— Hyunah Lee
South Korea



My first experience in a workcamp was Yagodnoe, Russia 100 km from St. Petersburg. I have traveled around many states of Mexico but I have never been abroad. So it was the first time I traveled abroad by plane and by myself. I was very curious because everything was completely unknown to me and I wanted to know more about other cultures. 

It was a very enriching experience and there was an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship, where everyone was interested in learning about other cultures. I was quite surprised and pleased that other volunteers were very interested to learn about our culture in Mexico. Moreover some of them preferred to speak Spanish to me because they wanted to practice.
I am very happy that I made this decision to travel! I met many people from other countries and it helped me a lot to be more open minded.I also became more independent.
I really hope to come back to Russia and to participate in another workcamp!
— Paola Mendoza









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